These rules are designed to ensure a respectful, smart, and joyful community experience for each one of us. In our community, we believe in treating each other with respect, empathy, and consideration is a solid base for growing. We are committed to encouraging dialogue that is constructive, relevant, and beneficial for all members. The guidelines curated below are aimed at foster an atmosphere that promotes healthy conversations despite diverse perspectives.

1. Respect for all: All members are expected to treat each other with respect. We encourage differences of opinion but request that you express these opinions politely and professionally.

2. Use appropriate language: Please ensure your language is suitable for all members. Offensive, vulgar, or discriminatory comments are not accepted and can result in immediate suspension or ban from the forum.

3. Stay on topic: Please keep all discussions relevant to the subject matter. Irrelevant posts may be removed by the administration.

4. No personal attacks or harassment: Attacking a person personally instead of discussing the argument presented is not acceptable. Therefore discussions about religious convictions, geopolitical insanity, gender fundamentalism are not welcome.

5. Avoid spamming: Repeatedly posting the same message, soliciting for services, or promoting products is considered spam and will be removed.

6. No illegal content: Posting, sharing or advocating at illegal content is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion from the forum.

7. Respect for intellectual property: Make sure to cite your sources and do not post copyrighted or trademarked materials without permission from the owner.

8. Report violations: If you encounter any violation of these guidelines, please report it to the forum moderators or admin immediately.

9. Privacy protection: Do not share any personal information that can help someone to identify you or others on the forum. This includes but is not limited to addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

10. Be constructive: If you disagree with something, say why and offer a constructive alternative viewpoint. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Remember, the main aim of our discussion forum is to create a friendly and knowledge-sharing environment. Let’s work together to make this platform as informative and respectful as possible.

Lastly, the forum administration reserves the right to edit, delete, move or close any thread or post that violates these guidelines, and may suspend or ban any member for serious or repeat violations.

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Vienna, November 2023