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Networking is the key, and a Membership allows you to connect with like-minded professionals who share your curiosity for advancing in profession.

  • International – the members of the network come from all over the world

  • Focused on Natural Sciences – and open to all, who share our vision and values

  • Independent – the network is privat organized and independent from any government or industry


We envision a global community of natural scientists and those who care about sustainability to exchange ideas and suggestions how to master the challenges we are facing now. We want support you in your career path and encourage you to support each other in your professional development too. Graduates are the leaders and decision makers of today and tomorrow. We want to support responsible graduates in their journey towards professional achievements.

Scientific breakthroughs and innovations hold the key to solving global challenges in health, food production, environment, energy, and more. We believe that responsible leaders can play a key role in successfully thriving the big challenges of our globe. At the heart of our vision is a community that on the one hand is aware of the unique career challenges that natural scientists face and on the other hand, who also understand the mechanisms and relationships of bioprocesses and ecosystems and their impact on environment and humans. [more…]

  • Appreciation for every person, no matter what color, nationality, gender, age, religion,…
  • Responsibility for the nature.
  • Freedom for everyone however individual’s freedom ends when it harms others.

Networking in general supports you in connecting with people in your industry or related fields or those who can provide valuable insights or opportunities related to your career. It might help you to access a wide range of benefits, such as career advice, mentorship, industry insights, job referrals, collaboration opportunities, and potential business partnerships. […more]

You may be thinking: “What impact could I have as a single person?” Imagine a puzzle: If you only hold one single stone in your hand, you can’t imagine what the entire picture once should look like. But, if you see the finished puzzle and you are only one piece missing, you will consider that the puzzle is destroyed. Every single stone is necessary. To achieve the summit of Mount Everest you need thousands of tiny steps.

Our network connects you with a diverse community of natural scientists from around the world. Forge meaningful connections and build professional relationships. Leverage this global network to broaden your perspectives and foster you to navigate your career journey.

Join a community of individuals who believe in the power of  cooperation and contribute to its growth and impact.