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Partner Program / Affiliate Program

Every Network thrives through its members. The more members participate, the more you will meet people with common interests. You know best who of your network matches the life-science Community and for whom the network would be of benefit. Join our partner program called “Affiliate Program”. We appreciate if you invite friends and colleagues to participate and we will honour this with a commission.

Nevertheless, your main focus should not be on the commission, but on active networking. By providing valuable content and commentary on the community site, you can promote your professional development, because you will gain greater visibility within the community and increase the chance of being contacted by someone you have never met before and who can boost your career.

According to the spirit of networking we have generated a commission plan. It is a characteristic of networking to contribute something first in order to get something in return, and it can happen that you get something in return from a person you did not expect.

The Commission Plan

You will receive a life-time commission of 5 % for every new Premium member, who has been attracted by you. Additionally, if this new member also attracts a new Premium member you will gain another 5 %. This will continue for 8 tiers. On tier 9 the commission will change to 3 % and on tier 10 to 2 %.

Imagine you attract 1 new Premium Member (A) and this new member attracts 2 new Premium Members (B, C) and both attract also 2 new members (D,E and F,G). Then the commission would be calculated:
You:                     7 x 5 % = 35 %
A:                         6 x 5 % = 30 %
B and C: each    2 x 5 % = 10 %

How does it work?

The only two things you need to do are:

1. Register as an affiliate and

2. Get your affiliate link and send it to the person you want to attract.

In detail: When you open your “My Account” page, you will find “Register as Affiliate” in the left navigation bar. Register, and once you are registered as an affiliate, you can open the affiliate dashboard.
Go back to “My Account” and you will now find “Affiliate” in the left navigation bar. Click on it and the affiliate dashboard will open. Go to the “Profile” tab. You will find your affiliate link above. The link always consists of 2 parts. The green part of the link is constant. XY denotes your unique reference number.

Copy the affiliate link and send this link to a potential new member. When that person opens the link, a cookie is set indicating that they received the link from you. This cookie is necessary so that we can identify you as the preferred affiliate who may receive the commission. Make sure your referred member allows cookies.

Requirements for affiliates

Each affiliate must hold a valid Premium Membership to be eligible to receive commission.

FAQ’s related to the affiliate program

When will I receive the commission?2024-02-05T17:12:21+01:00
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What commission can I expect?2024-02-05T17:13:48+01:00
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On what basis is the commission calculated?2024-04-08T15:56:31+02:00
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I cannot find the person I attracted for membership on my dashboard2024-02-05T17:13:20+01:00
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We will spend 5 % of the annual fees to award a scientific project with a high positive impact on humans and the entire nature.

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