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Network, the today’s currency

Don’t confuse professional networks with favouring friends and relatives.

Professional networking involves connecting with professionals in your industry or related fields to build beneficial relationships. It typically focuses on exchanging knowledge, opportunities, and support related to career growth. It relies on establishing a reputation based on competence, excellence, skills, and shared interests and values. Frequently it happens through events, online platforms, and professional introductions. To see and to be visable.

On the other hand, favoring friends and relatives involves giving preference or special treatment to those with personal connections. This could be based on feelings of loyalty or familiarity, rather than professional qualifications or competence. However, relying solely on personal connections can limit opportunities for growth and diversity, potentially hindering professional development.

Professional Networking

Create Connections

Professional networking focuses on creating connections with individuals who share similar professional interests or work in related fields. The primary goal is to build a network of contacts for career development, knowledge sharing, and accessing job opportunities. It involves connecting with people in your industry or related fields or those who can provide valuable insights or opportunities related to your career. It might help you to access a wide range of benefits, such as career advice, mentorship, industry insights, job referrals, collaboration opportunities, and potential business partnerships. Maybe it enables you to expand your knowledge, increase your visibility, and increase your professional opportunities.

Based on skills and qualifikations

Professional networking emphasizes merit-based interactions where individuals are perceived based on their skills, experience, and professional achievements. The relationship is often determined by the value that each person brings to the connection. A “favoring friends and relatives culture” is often limited to a small group of loyalty beneficiary and it is potentially limiting an exposure to new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities. Professional networking allows you to reach out to a diverse range of professionals and industry experts beyond your immediate circle of friends and family. This helps you to expand perspectives, gain insights from various industries, and to create a broader network of opportunities.

Building a strong professional network, while maintaining genuine relationships with friends and relatives, can provide a well-rounded and balanced approach to personal and professional growth.

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